Our Generous Diamond Sponsor Caleighs Crystals has created these fantastic pieces of Diva Inspired Bling for Divas Night Out.

Necklaces come in 18, 20 and 24 inch.

Earrings are 8mm, 10mm or 12mm balls

Bracelets are 8 inches 

All pieces are made with 925 silver

Each piece is 35.00 plus tax

You can place your order through caleighscrystals@myaccess.ca . 

Please be sure to identify which pieces and sizes you are wanting as well as leaving your name, contact number and address. All payments will be made to Caleighs Crystals.

Be sure to order yours early so you can wear your Diva Bling!

Get Your Diva Bling Here!

​​​​divas' night out 

Divas' Night Out

This set of 4 Diva inspired Coasters are available for order for $30.00. These coasters were custom made especially for the 15th Annual Divas' Night Out.

To place an order, please email divasnightout@sasktel.net and leave your name, address and phone number in your email as well as your request for the number of set of coasters you wish to order. Payment can be made by electronic funds transfer to divasnightout@sasktel.net, payment will be required before the order can be filled.