​​​​South Saskatchewan Aids Program, specifically The Jerome Nagel Fund 

Divas' Night Out

Carmichael Outreach 

The healthiest communities create space and opportunity for each person to succeed, recognizing that a close and connected community is the key to overcoming poverty and homelessness.

Pasqua Hospital Palliative Care

Palliative Care Unit: This nine bed unit is located at Pasqua Hospital. It provides short-term care, symptom management, plans for discharge or end-of-life care. 

In 2016 the Boehm and Waehrer family lost several friends and family members to long term illness and to cancer. Much time was spent in both the Pasqua and Regina General and St. Paul's Hospital in Saskatoon.

Including Palliative care is a means of giving back.  As always, thank you to the many nurses that cared for our family and friends in those last days, and hours and for being there for support when we needed it most. 

In loving memory to the long list. 

​​Silent Auction Rules

We hope you have a DIVALICIOUS time at the silent auction!!

Here are some recommendations to help the auction run smoothly:

When bidding for an item, please PRINT both your name and contact details onto the bid sheet.

At 9:15 PM, all items are closed off from further bidding and the last name is the winner.

At the end of the evening, please check the auction sheets to see if you have won an item(s). If you have won more than 1 item, there will be an * beside your name.

You can pay for your items with cash, cheque (made payable to TotallyTess), VISA/MC , Debit, or with email money transfer to divasnightout@sasktel.net

The Purpose of Divas' Night Out



There are many charities in the City of Regina that need assistance to keep their programs running.   There are three that have been selected this year to receive funds from the event. 

​​Jerome belonged to the LGBTQ community that in the late 1980's was being ravaged by HIV. In 1985 Nils Clausson and other concerned citizens including Jerome Nagel and Ric Ranger worked hard to establish the organization we know today. Jerome Nagel died of AIDS in 1990 and Today the fund is called the Ric Ranger/Jerome Nagel Wellness Fund to honour the work of Ric and Jerome to ensure that those living with HIV and AIDS are able to live as long and healthy lives as possible. 

 100% of every dollar of every donation that APSS receives goes directly into the Nagel fund. APSS is a grassroots organization located in North Central Regina at the heart of the spread of HIV in Regina and South Sask that is often accompanied by homelessness, stigma and discrimination. Their team works hard to provide services and access to healthcare through the use of the Nagel fund.